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Supervise by Senior

Imagine an experienced company with a team that truly comprehends your requirements! Where regular, applicationdevelopers are supervised by seniors and everyone does their job with passion. Moreover, you pay less for services rendered because tasks are matched to the experience and knowledge of our skilled workforce. This isn't a dream; this is the reality you'll experience with Futurum Technology!

Polish remote team
Are you tired of searching for a local team to help your startup thrive? We have the solution you've been looking for! Meet Futurum Technology, a startup development company from Poland. We've got it all covered: a skilled team of developers, expertise in various programming languages, app development and competitive pricing that beats the competition!
Startup oriented
Not every company is tailor-made for startups, but WE ARE! Over the past decade, we've diligently gained the experience needed to truly understand these innovative realms. We know your needs because we've helped nearly a hundred startups in realizing their dreams, with some even successfully selling their ideas for millions.
Give us the chance!
We understand that trust is one of the keys to success. That's why we offer a 14-day free trial. For two weeks, you have the opportunity to leverage our experience and witness firsthand what collaborating with Futurum Technology is all about. After that period, you can decide whether you want to continue working with us or not!
Premium IT Quality
Everyone knows that in the IT world, low prices often indicate low quality. We oppose Indian quality and guarantee the best quality for a reasonable price. Experience it for yourself by taking advantage of our 14-day free trial.
More than one man
Why Choose Futurum Technology Over a Freelancer? We're more than just one person. We're scalable, adaptable to your needs, and have a team of experienced developers. We guarantee loyalty and will stay when problems arise. One person is insufficient for a startup, yet the entire Futurum Technology team is perfect.
How we can work together
Connect with usInitiate your trial or seal the deal.
Our skilled developers, overseen by experienced seniors, join your project.
Grant us access to your code repository.
Witness daily code commits delivered straight to your repository.
Enjoy weekly or bi-weekly sync calls with you to shape the future scope together.
Futurum Technology Body leasing Freelancing
Supervised by seniors
14-day free trial
Additional benefits: Taking part in Startup Stories -Podcast, partnership program.
Remote team
The best quality for an affordable price
Team of developers who can be scaled up
10 years of experience in the startup field
Why Futurum Technology is a Better Choice?

When it comes to collaboration, Futurum Technology stands out as the best choice for startups. We offer a range of advantages that make us your ideal partner. We prioritize your needs and understand that your idea is everything to you! With us, you don't have to worry about:

During our collaboration, we provide ample time to discuss various ideas and solutions with experienced professionals who care about your app.
Experienced senior oversee the work of our regular developers - a young and talented team keeps up with the latest trends. Your app will not be only well-crafted, but also incorporate the newest trends.
At Futurum Tech, you are the star, and we're here to help you shine! Working with us is hassle-free. From the beginning, we outline the terms of our partnership and discuss how we can best support your startup.
You pay for every hour devoted to your project, with no hidden costs.

Still not convinced? Give our 14-day free trial a try and witness what we can do for your company during these two weeks. Join us to build a better future with the best software development startup company!

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