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We provide people or a team in the technology of your choice, you pay the price for reuglar person and our seniors watch over each person to ensure awesome quality.

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We provide continuous supervision over the work performed and measure KPIs. You are sure that the work was done in a good way and on time.

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We make sure that employees are satisfied employees are satisfied and motivated to perform your project efficiently.

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Check for 2 weeks how our services will help you, if you are not satisfied you won't pay anything.

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| Senior Project Quality at Affordable Price

Location based issue tracking system.

  • - technology upgrade, move to new versions on frameworks
  • - dockerized the app
  • - introduced Continous Integration with Jenkins
  • - introduced Big Data with Hadoop
  • - backend development in Java
  • - front-end development in Angular
PinpointWorks Ltd.

3d printed eyewear startup

  • - Java spring development
  • - Integration with Weclapp CRM
  • - Angular

Doctor appointment and telehealth system.

  • - introduced good code structure
  • - encapsulate front-end code with directives
  • - backend development in Java
  • - front-end development in Angular
Comiere Healthcare

Platform for distributing premium mobile commerce apps.

  • - integration with Mobile Beacons IoT solution
  • - integration with Microsoft Azure Table Storage
  • - integration with Google Maps Services
  • - integration with Magento eCommerce
  • - development using Scala and Play framework
  • - backend development in Java
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