Hippo CMS with Angular 6, how to start

What is Hippo CMS? Hippo is the open-source content management system based on Java language, easy to integrate, testable and compatible with Java standards. Using Hippo is easy way to serve your content from CMS where non technical user could easily create and edit it. Read more about Hippo CMS and its architecture at official Read more about Hippo CMS with Angular 6, how to start[…]

RxJava and Reactive programming

We can hear more and more about RxJava, Reactive extensions or Reactive programming in general nowadays. The hype is increasing, many tech conferences covers the topic of those concepts . We can observe moving from imperative to functional-reactive approach in writing applications. Languages like Scala are gaining popularity. Also release of Java 8 was great Read more about RxJava and Reactive programming[…]