Why your competitors decided to use remote teams ?

Use remote team or not dilema?

People often ask me why to use remote team at all?
They are ok with the status quo they have in thier project.
Manager is often very busy with current tasks, budgeting , delivering the release and day after day that is how things going.

I would like to show you that considering that topic could help you to deliver faster,have only most important tasks on your shoulders, and use the budget in more efficient way.


Fast track of IT tech.

If you have some years of experience in IT projects you probably know how fast new frameworks appear, how fast technology is changing.

Due to that every IT project needs to be upgraded in thier life cycle.
This is because two simple reasons :
1. You need to win with competitors
2. You need to provide stable system running for your users

I saw two major ways of doing this:
1. Small steps with exchanging system parts to new one
2. Waiting for a longer time and rebuild system from scratch in new framework

How companies do it in old way ?

Common way of solving above issues is that team members are starting to learn new framework and doing research.To finally after long discussion start to code sth.

Human nature unfortunately is not helping here. Because if sbd was coding in one framework for a long years for him that will be always best framework to do anything . Because he know it most.

So always going out of the comfort zone is pain, because people prefer to do the same.

How you could solve this ?

What will be if you introduce new person to the team , the person who know new framework ?
How your team behave in this case? I saw it many times, it is easier for them to
approach the change because experienced person could introduce good habits and start coding instantly.
Your team will follow and after some time gain enough experience for selfcontinuation.

Why to have remote person to this ?

You will tell me, ok it makes sense but why remote one?
Because it is simply much easier for you !

– it is easier to hire
– it is easier to give up after some time
– this is not bad PR if you pause outsourcing company cooperation for some time, but it always is when you need to fire your onsite worker
– it is much faster because often onsite is harder to find sbd with specific technology, especially new ones
– sometimes it is also cheaper


Which company will win ?

Business is always a matter to predict the future.
Better you do it, better for your company. Many people see this trend of using remote teams. And now you see this trend has solid reasons.

Why so many big corporates are doing this ?

Why well known strategists consulting like McKinsey are recommending to have part of the team outsourced ?

Why your competitors already done this ?

Hope this article helped you to have your own answers.

More knowledge gained from experience soon …

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